Editor’s Note

I know, I know. This issue of STLGzine is really, really late. My greatest apologies to our loyal readers. Unfortunately, the biggest delay an e-zine can have is usually caused by a technological failure. My laptop went on the fritz (that’s what you get when you buy cheap) and after much sweat and frustration, it is finally fixed. I think.

We have two wonderful tales this issue. “The Well” by Sam Williams gives readers a little down home country flavor — just pack some bottled water if you’re planning on staying for a visit. Not to chew you good people out, but Zoe E. Whitten’s “Seconds”, reminds me: If you’re partying, please eat responsibly.

I’d also like to announce the winners of our Comment Contest.


Carrie Clevenger — wins the signed copy of Frozen Blood by Joel A Sutherland

John G Marino — wins the signed copy of Lost in Translation by Gord Rollo

Draven Ames — wins the copy of Ouroboros by Michael Kelly & Carol Weekes, signed by Mr. Kelly

Congratulations! Please contact me to claim your books. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hold another Comment Contest in the Summer. So stay tuned for your chance to win some sweet prizes.

I’d like to take this time to mention two things.

1) We are always open and looking for new submissions. We are open to most genres. We accept reprint subs. But we do lean more toward subs with a speculative element. Guidelines here.

2) We are always looking for fiction to review. We don’t review books, or movies, or music. We review short fiction available on the web that is free of charge. If you’re an author with free fiction available on your website or published in a free e-zine, send us a link. The only stipulation is that you must have a Twitter account. The #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign is Twitter-based, and the main method of promotion we use to bring readers to new authors they may not have been previously exposed to. Fiction is reviewed by either myself or Sheri White (occasionally we have guest reviewers). If you have a preference for who you would like to review your work, note that in your e-mail. We don’t really review serial fiction, unless it is on one of our sponsor’s sites. Make the subject of your e-mail: STLG Reviews. You can find the e-mail on our Contacts page.

As always we welcome comments on our reviews and fiction, whether there is a contest going on or not. It’s the best way for our authors to get feedback, but make sure any criticism is constructive.

And last but not least, SupportTheLittleGuy. Get online and buy a book from the small press today. Without your support, the small press won’t survive. It’s the best place to find a diverse variety of fiction you won’t get from the big publishers. The small presses take risks on authors/books you can’t find anywhere else, so take a risk for them.

Take care,

Brandon Layng



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