Every now and then #SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine will hold a contest. You’ll find current contests and winner announcements here on this page. Check back with each issue to see what the current contest is and how to enter.

Comments Contest

Open from October  31st, 2010 until February 28th, 2011

We’re holding a contest to encourage feedback from readers. You can enter by leaving a comment on a story or review. Comments must be constructive — harmful or overtly negative comments will not be approved and will not count towards an entry. You’ve been warned.

On to the good stuff. What do you win? Three winners will be selected in a random drawing. Winners will receive one of three autographed books. I cannot announce the titles as yet, as I am still in the process of securing them but once I have them in my hands I will update this entry. Winners’ names will appear on this page and will have 30 days to contact me at with their current mailing address. UPDATE: I now have the 3 autographed books.

1) Frozen Blood by Joel A. Sutherland 

This edition is from the first printing of Joel A. Sutherland’s Bram Stoker Award nominated debut novel from Lachesis Publishing. This edition is no longer in print as the book is being reprinted by Dorchester Publishing. The author has specially inscribed the book for this contest. Unique and one of a kind.

2) Lost in Translation by Gord Rollo

This novella is published by Nyx Books, with cover art by Don Paresi. Gord Rollo is the author of The Jigsaw Man, Crimson and Valley of the Scarecrow. He’s specially inscribed the book for this contest, making it a unique book for any collector.

3) Ouroboros by Michael Kelly & Carol Weekes 

This book is published by Dark Regions Press. A definite collector item, inscribed specially by author Michael Kelly for this contest. Michael Kelly has also written Undertow and Other Laments available from Dark Regions Press.

You can follow the links to find out more about the individual books. Or if you can’t wait until the contest ends, buy a copy today. Winners and which book they receive will be chosen randomly. No requests. One comment per story/article = 1 entry into the contest. So comment often folks.


4 Responses to Contests

  1. Michael Kelly says:


    Thanks very much for the support. Best of luck with this. It was great meeting you.


    • brandonlayng says:

      Thank you very much, Mike. I hope we have the opportunity to meet and talk again. With living so close, it shouldn’t be too hard for us to get together for a coffee or a drink down at the pub. Maybe I could convince you to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, lol.

  2. Dale says:

    What a great way to kick off a new eZine


  3. Draven Ames says:

    A very good site that is worth your support. Leave a comment and check out the stories. Give the writers a chance to grow. Give some constructive feedback, but don’t rip out their souls. Some are great and some are learning, but they are all worthy of reading.

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