Note from the Editor #2

Sorry we missed the December 31st launch date. Looks like this issue isn’t the last for 2010 but the first for 2011. Happy New Year! I’m guessing everyone’s holidays have gone as well as can be expected. We were delayed here due to format glitches. I think they’re smoothed out now.

I want to remind everyone about our comment contest. It’s easy to enter and if you’re reading the stories why not enter while you’re there. Leave a comment and you could win one of three signed books. The first is a first printing (no longer available) copy of Frozen Blood by Joel A. Sutherland, the second is a copy of Lost in Translation by Gord Rollo, both of which are signed and specially inscribed by the authors for this contest. The third book is Ouroboros by Michael Kelly & Carol Weekes, signed and specially inscribed for this contest by Michael Kelly. We know the holidays left you broke, so why not try and win yourself some free books with serious collector value? All you have to do is leave a comment on the stories. Comment on each story and you have three entries. For more details check out our Contests page.

Onto the stories. We welcome Jezzy Wolfe with her tale of garden wars turned evil, no man or carrot is safe when the moon rises. Janet M. Aldrich brings us a Rock n’ Roll horror story, dredging up some old ghosts you may not have heard of but surely won’t forget. Sheri White returns to our electronic pages with a holiday themed tale, reminding us to be careful what we pay for around the Season of Giving. Plus five more reviews of some great free fiction on the web.

Stay awhile. Cozy up to the screen and be sure to be back next issue.

Take care,

Brandon Layng


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