The Staff

Brandon Layng founder/editor-in-chief

Once the publisher of 13Human Souls: Horror E-zine, a P&E Reader’s Poll top ten publication, Brandon Layng has maintained a focus on doing what he can to help the industry that has given him countless hours of pleasure in the form of the written word. A busy guy, he’s also contributing editor of The New Bedlam Project ( and newsletter manager for Graveside Tales Publishing. His blog series “A Writer’s Journey” ( details the lessons he’s learned as he works his way towards a career in writing, accompanied by a few interviews with other writers along the way. His debut novel, Angel’s Crossing is currently available as an exclusive e-serial from Graveside Tales’ newsletter, The GRAVESIDER.  Sign up to receive instalments of the e-serial at You can follow him on Twitter at where he sends out all of the #SupportTheLittleGuy related news.

Sheri WhiteSTLG reviewer

Wife, mom, writer and admitted Facebook addict, Sheri White stepped out of the fiction world for a bit but she’s back in with a drive to share her words with the world. Her flash fiction piece, “Train Station” recently received an honorable mention in the Necon E-books’ Flash Fiction Contest. Her story, “Spider Bites”, appears in the first issue of #SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine and she’s also kindly agreed to take up the daunting task of reviewing short fiction for us. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at


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