It’s that time of year again. When the readers get to decide what they think was the best of the year. It’s a popularity contest, no one can deny it, but who doesn’t want to be the popular kid? Especially if you’re the new kid.

While voting on a few works I thought were deserving, I stopped by the e-zine results page over at the P&E Reader’s Poll site and saw some kind reader nominated STLGzine in the best e-zine category. It’s truly appreciated since we only published our first issue this past October. Since it`s up there I figured I`d put the shout out for any other readers interested in casting a vote our way. It would be really great to finish in the top ten.

But that`s up to you guys and gals if you think STLGzine deserves it. The same goes to any stories we`ve published, if you think they deserve a vote, cast it. I know the authors would really enjoy seeing that you the readers liked their stories well enough to nominate them.

If you want to vote for STLGzine follow this link:


Just remember to confirm your vote when P&E sends you a confirmation e-mail.

Thank you again for reading.

Brandon Layng


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2 Responses to P&E POLLS

  1. myne Whitman says:

    I’ve voted, keep up the good work.

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