#SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine is the official publication of the #SupportTheLittleGuy Twitter campaign to garner more exposure for the small press and its writers. Published six times a year (October, December, February, April, June, and August) the online magazine will include 3-6 stories, the occasional poem or two, and reviews of short fiction found on the web written by small press authors. The e-zine is open to all genres with a preference to speculative (horror, science fiction, & fantasy) fiction and poetry.

The mission of both the e-zine and the campaign is to shed light on the talents of a struggling section of the industry. The small press is the place to find a variety of talent and ideas otherwise not found on the shelves of your local bookstore. We hope that by reading the works and reviews in our issues you’ll discover new voices you might not have previously heard if not for the small press. We encourage you to follow these writers beyond our digital pages, to their websites and their past and future publications.

And while you’re at it, we’d appreciate if you would share their names with a friend. It’s an immeasurable service to introduce a new reader to a treasure trove of the written word.

#SupportTheLittleGuy, remember without you the small press will vanish.


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