It’s that time of year again. When the readers get to decide what they think was the best of the year. It’s a popularity contest, no one can deny it, but who doesn’t want to be the popular kid? Especially if you’re the new kid.

While voting on a few works I thought were deserving, I stopped by the e-zine results page over at the P&E Reader’s Poll site and saw some kind reader nominated STLGzine in the best e-zine category. It’s truly appreciated since we only published our first issue this past October. Since it`s up there I figured I`d put the shout out for any other readers interested in casting a vote our way. It would be really great to finish in the top ten.

But that`s up to you guys and gals if you think STLGzine deserves it. The same goes to any stories we`ve published, if you think they deserve a vote, cast it. I know the authors would really enjoy seeing that you the readers liked their stories well enough to nominate them.

If you want to vote for STLGzine follow this link:


Just remember to confirm your vote when P&E sends you a confirmation e-mail.

Thank you again for reading.

Brandon Layng


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ISSUE 2, Jingle Bells

Note from the Editor


No Chance by Janet M. Aldrich ( tec4_cleveland )

To the Victor Goes the Soil by Jezzy Wolfe ( JezzyWolfe )

The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Sheri White ( sheriw1965 )


Childhood by David Dunwoody ( daviddunwoody )

By the Sea, By the Sea by Caroline Totten ( avail. thru innsmouthpress)

In the Mirror by Draven Ames ( DravenAmes )

Real People Slash by Nick Mamatas ( NMamatas )

Mashed by Fran Friel ( franfriel )

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Black and orange confetti in the air, our first issue of #SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine is ALIVE! *Insert evil laughter here.

You’ll find Issue 1 in the page tabs below our header. Don’t forget to check out our Contests page before you start reading so you can find out how to enter our Comments Contest.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Brandon Layng

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STLG Issue 1 Launches Oct 31st

Sometime, during the day or night, but definitely on October 31st, 2010 #SupportTheLittleGuy will launch its first issue.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:


Damp Wind and Leaves by Amy Grech (@amy_grech)

Spider Bites by Sheri White (@sheriw1965)

Tasting Humanity by Sarah Hendrix (@shadowflame1974)


Black Death Fall Guy by Neil Colquhoun (@necol66)

Toys by Neil Colquhoun (@necol66)

Air Waves by Louise Bohmer (@louisebohmer)

Before Your Time by Icy Sedgwick (@icypop)

Caveat Emptor by Melissa L. Webb (@melissalwebb)

Letters from a Psychopath e-serial by Myrrym Davies  (@MyrrymDavies)

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